High Speed Paper Cup Making Machines MG900Smart

The MG900Smart isn’t just a machine, it’s an environmental champion that automates the entire paper cup production process.

This eco-friendly marvel handles everything from feeding the paper to shaping the final cup, including:

Precise Feeding: Ensures consistent material usage.
Airtight Sealing: Creates a strong, leak-proof wall.
Efficient Oiling: Smooths the cup for a flawless finish.
Knurled Bottom: Adds stability and grip.
Controlled Heating: Forms the cup perfectly.
Accurate Rolling: Creates a clean, even rim.
Flawless Rounding: Delivers a comfortable drinking experience.
Reliable Tripping: Separates cups cleanly and efficiently.
But that’s not all! The MG900Smart lets you customize every cup dimension, from volume to depth, diameter to height. You can create the perfect cup for any need.

Upgrade your paper cup production with the MG900Smart – the future is automated, efficient, and eco-friendly.

  • An uniquely designed frame structure ensures less vibration & less Noise at higher speed.
  • A well designed Automatic lubrication system lubricate every moving part while the machine is in operation.
  • An in-built oil tank prevents spillage of lubrication oil.
  • Based on Advanced PLC (program Logic Control) technology.
  • Advance sensor-based technology automatically cut off the system when the machine is not in operation which reduce paper wastage.
  • Automatic cup-blank feeding and sealing.
  • Automatic cup-bottom feeding, punching, folding and Knurling.
  • Automatic cup-top edge curling and cup counting.
  • Step-less speed management.
  • Cup-blank and Cup-bottom sealing is done by auto cut-off feature based advance heaters.
  • Very easy in operation (one operator is sufficient).
  • Easy exchangeable mold produce different size paper cups.
  • Pneumatic operations do not require compressed air.
  • A well engineered “Barrel Cam Mechanism” ensures precise movement and functioning of turn tables.
  • Cup Volume: 30 Ml to 280 Ml (with various system)
  • Production capacity: 80 ~ 90 cups per minute.

Paper Cup Size: 32 ml to 280 ml

Paper Cup Bottom Diameter: 29 m to 56 mm

Paper Cup Height: 38 mm to 92 mm

Production Speed (Per Minute Average): 80-90 Cups

Production Speed Setting: Through VFD / Through HMI*

Sealing Technology: Heater / Ultra Sonic

Cup Counting System: Automatic

Cup Strand Counting: Automatic

Fault Detection: Manual / Automatic with Alarm*

HMI: 1

PLC: 1

VFD: 1

Indexing Mechanism: Barrel Cam

Photo Sensor – Paper Blank: 1

Photo Sensor – Sealing Sensor: 1

Photo Sensor – Bottom Sensor: 1

Photo Sensor – Cup Drop: 1

Photo Sensor – Metal: 1

Power Supply Required: 3 Phase

Electricity Consumption per Hour (Approximately): 3-4 Units

Total Machine Electric Load: 5.5 kW

Main Motor Power: 2 HP / 1.50 kW

Knurling Motor Power: 0.75 HP / 0.55 kW

Relay: 5

Solid State Relay: 1

Temperature Controller PID: 5

3 Colour Alarm (Tower Light): 1

Machine Weight: 1800 Kg

Machine Length: 2800 mm

Machine Width: 1400 mm

Machine Height: 1600 mm

Safe working area on all sides: 1000 mm

Automatic Machine Lubrication System: 1

Top Curling Lubrication Oil: Paraffin Oil

Machine Lubrication Oil: Hydraulic Oil 90

Note: The above mentioned specifications are subject to change without any prior notice.

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